Primos Truth Cam 35

This is my first game camera I want to review because it’s the newest camera I bought. I bought it because it is cheaper and I think many people would do the same. I got it from for 2 weeks ago and I use 3 days to test it at food plot (but I just posted review cause of lazy).

When I received this Primos Truth Cam 35, I tested it in food feeder area not too far from my camp. There are a lot of deer everyday that I think it good for testing trail camera, it can take enough sample pictures in short time. So, I put it at the tree about 25 feet from feeder for 3 days (2 nights). I set sensor sensitivity at normal level, and use other settings as factory default. I use my exist 2GB SD card to save images that was taken.

Truth Cam 35 sample pic

Three days later, I took it from the area and bring it to the camp. After upload files to my laptop, I get around 200 pictures both day and night. I found that it has 4 shot of white images. The day pictures are bright and clear, especially in sunshine, like I took it myself by point-and-shoot camera.

The night picture quality is not good. It’s dark and not clear, just see what it is but the details are missing a lot. And if the animal is far greater than 20 feet, the picture is very dark and see only something their. I think that the infrared flash power is not cover entire range.

This camera suits for hunter who doesn’t need high quality images or who already has main camera and want more to support it. Primos Truth Cam 35 is worth with this price. See more trail camera reviews.

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