Scouting Cam

Welcome to Scouting Cam Blog. I am a buck hunter and want to share experience about using game camera for scouting wildlife. For those, who never use this cam before, it is a type of remote camera which activate when passive infrared sensor detects on movement and heat from animals in the area, then it will take photos or video as it had set.  It was designed to be long battery life for working along hunting season.

Game camera with tree

The reviews will focus on camera features such as flash range, battery life, trigger speed, image & video quality and user experience. The comparison chart compare features of hot cameras at the moment. And we also giving rating for each model and feature.

This blog also include tips of using trail camera, how to set up for higher performance and other useful articles for improving hunting and scouting skills such as camera buying guide, night picture tips, how to mount the camera in the field with no tree etc.

We also gather opinions from my friends and other users to complete all brands: Moultrie, Bushnell, Wildgame Innovations, Primos, Cuddeback etc. We hope that this information can help you to choose the best game camera for you. Because we known that if you choose unsuitable camera for hunting, sometime you will know it at the end of hunting season cause you to miss a deplorable chance.